Machinery Mounting Solutions

Machinery Mounting SolutionsCanstar played a prominent role with the successful introduction of Adjustable Machine Mounting Chocks into the western Canadian market a number of years ago under the Vibracon name.


The product concept has been significantly improved and is now the ROTA-Chock, and is capable of handling higher loads with the Buttress thread. Also the machining of the thread is to higher standards and quality, this is now a well known fact in the packaging industry. Also the angular soft foot can now be corrected for, to an actual 4 degrees, while having larger adjustment ranges in the vertical plane.


The ROTA-Chocks are available Stainless and other materials on request. We also supply the ROTA-Chocks in the ACE model (Anti Corrosion Enhanced), which we do with a Ferritic Nitro Carburizing process, which in addition to rust protection also hardens the chocks.

As it is well known that most packages are designed with heavy bases, which are to absorb the vibration and energies generated by the equipment, thus require a high stiffness in the method of mounting.  The accepted method for this is machined blocks.  As it is very difficult to machine these to match the bottom surface of the feet of equipment (either tend to be off somewhere) to the accepted standard of 0.002” per foot of angular misalignment.

RotaChokThe ROTA-Chock offers a solution by achieving 0.000”/ft of angular soft foot every time and maintaining high degree of stiffness for your application, to allow the vibration and energy to be directed to the base.All this, and keeping your alignment procedure time to a minimum, and moving the package through your shop.

For your applications we support you with consultation and engineering support.