Bega Special Tools

Induction heaters

Canstar Instruments Inc® is the North American representative and service center for Bega International, The Netherlands. Canstar supplies and services the wide range of BETEX® induction heaters as well as Bega Maintenance Products for professional use in industry and industrial services.

BETEX® induction heaters are high quality dependable bearing heaters. Their user-friendly and trouble free design guarantees sustained, problem-free operation in any industrial environment. Therefore, BETEX® induction heaters are supplied with a 3-year warranty on the electronic components.

Bega has developed two series of Betex Induction Bearing Heaters, standard and turbo. All BETEX® induction heaters are energy efficient in comparison with classic methods. The advantage of the TURBO series over the Standard series is that larger components can be heated in a relatively short time while consuming the same amount of energy.

All units come with both heating by time and heating by temperature. Also each unit features the auto-demagnetization cycle at the end of each heating cycle. The units are supplied with the auto-reheat feature, which will keep the component up to temperature for a set a mount of time. Most larger models, 38ESD and up, can be supplied for a 575Vac supply Voltage (600Vac models).

One of the most popular items from the Bega Maintenance Products is a line of Hydraulic Self-Centering Pullers. Self centering pullers are equipped with Integral pump and cylinder and are easy to convert from two arm to three arm puller. Since there is no separate hose, pump or puller required, it is a great space saving tool excellent for on site applications. This is a safe, economical and practical tool beneficial for numerous applications. In in addition also the 50 ton and 100 ton pullers are available. These models are on casters for ease of use.

Canstar Instruments is proudly a member of CMVA/ACVM ISN ISA Avetta Vibration Institute ComplyWorks