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Hardy Process Solutions, previously known as Hardy Instruments, is a leader in the process weighing equipment business. With the invention of the WaverSaver and the C2 Electronic calibration, Hardy established itself as the leader in the field a couple of decades ago. With the continuation to develop leading product and being a preferred Allen-Bradley Global partner, developing the Weighing Modules for the PLC5, SLC, Control Logix and Micro Logix, as well as the DeviceNet module and the ControlNet communications. For the Schneider Electric/Siemens the Profibus is also a well established communication protocol within the Hardy series of instrumentation.

Canstar Instruments Inc. has been Hardy’s partner since the mid 90’s and we continue to service our customer base with design of new installations, and re-design and retrofitting existing weighing systems to get more accuracy and better reliability of the scale systems for plant environments, including belt weighing systems, tanks, vessels, conveyor, rate control, and Belt Tension Measurement Systems for the conveyor auto-take-up winch tension control systems.

Canstar Instruments is proudly a member of CMVA/ACVM ISN ISA Avetta Vibration Institute ComplyWorks