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Canstar Instruments with extensive online vibration monitoring experience, is the exclusive representative for PVTVM, from Houston TX.

PVTVM has one of the most extensive and complete product lines in the on-line vibration monitoring industry: from single channel seismic and proximity, to loop powered vibration transmitters, to shaker tables, to static calibrators, to 19” rack mounted systems to spectral data and analysis software. PVTVM operates worldwide and reflects this in the Hazardous Locations approvals: ATEX, IEC, CSA, GOSTR and also manufacturers as an ISO approved company while the applicable products are manufactured to the API670 standards.

Canstar and PVTVM can advice, design and supply any type of monitoring for any type of machine, from simply a fan bearing to gas turbine monitoring with proximity and case expansion monitoring. We provide in addition to products, also commissioning and system and loop testing services.

PVTVM has three main groups of products and services; online monitoring, Testing Equipment and Vibration Switches.

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Canstar Instruments is proudly a member of CMVA/ACVM ISN ISA Avetta Vibration Institute ComplyWorks