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Canstar played a prominent role with the successful introduction of the Adjustable Machine Mounting Chocks into the western Canadian market in the early 2000s, under the Vibracon name.

Machinery Mounting Solutions has significantly improved the concept resulting in the ROTA-Chock, which is capable of handling higher loads with the Buttress thread. Also the machining of the thread is to higher standards and quality, This is now a well known fact in the packaging industry. Also the angular soft foot can now be corrected for, to an actual 4 degrees, while having larger adjustment ranges in the vertical plane.

Baseline ROTA-Chocks are available and stocked in ACE model (Anti Corrosion Enhanced), which is done by Ferritic Nitro Carburizing process, in addition to rust protection this process also hardens the chocks. ROTA-Chock is available upon request in Stainless and other materials, as well as SLIMline and models designed to custom design heights.

Most packages are designed with heavy bases, to absorb the vibration and energy generated by the equipment, and thus require a high stiffness in the method of mounting. The accepted method for this is machined blocks. It is very difficult to machine blocks to achieve a co-planar surface.

The ROTA-Chock offers a solution by achieving 0.000”/ ft of angular soft foot every time and maintains a high degree of stiffness for your application, allowing the vibration and energy to be directed to the base. You will achieve all this whilst keeping the time to align a system to a minimum. Resulting in moving more packages through the shop, and at the same time exceeding API standards.

For any application we will support you with consultation and engineering support.



The RotaChock is an adjustable, self leveling and reusable equipment mounting chock for rigidly mounted machines. Large adjustment range and a significant self leveling capacity allows for ease of use resulting in a high quality installation. It is re-usable chock which comes in different material choices to allow for best performance in any applications environment.

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