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Canstar with it's extensive experience and application knowledge, provides consulting for:

  • Belt Tension Measurement For conveyor with Take-Up Winches (Multiple applications in the mining industries)
  • Auto Belt Tension Control Systems For with conveyors with Take-Up Winches
  • Process Weighing Retrofit Applications Belt Rate Weighing, Tanks, Auto Rate Feed Control Systems, etc. (Multiple applications in the Chemical, Mining, OSB, Pipeline and Food industries)
  • Custom Measurement Applications On-line Thickness Measurement and Thickness Control Systems (Applications in the Tire manufacturing industry)
  • Product Development and Application Testing Applications in the Pipeline Industry, Oil & Gas, Nuclear and Hydro Energy industries
  • Power Transmission Consulting for applications for the Drilling Rig and Coil Tubing Injectors
  • Laser Alignment Consulting and support on laser alignment applications

Solution Design

Canstar also designs and develops the actual solutions that the consulting procedure resolves, for example:

  • 4-20mA, 24Vdc Logarithmic Sound Transmitter
  • Sample Scale for Hazardous Locations
  • Stress Energy Transmitter, etc.
  • Design and lay-out of Complete Vibration Monitoring Systems

We also design and build the load sensor mounting hardware for the retrofit of belt weighing scales.


Canstar Instruments provides training for all its products, but in particular we have training courses for:

  • Process Weighing Systems Maintenance Training
  • Sample Scale for Hazardous Locations
  • Vibration Monitoring Systems and Maintenance Training, Shaker-table Training
  • Laser Alignment Systems Training

Commissioning and Inspection Services

Rounding out or list of services are the following that we also provide to our customers:

  • Canstar Instruments provides commissioning services where our customers require these, typically this service is combined with training for operation and maintenance personnel
  • We also provides on-site system inspection services, typically used for Process Weighing Systems and Belt Tension Measurement and Control Systems
  • Vibration Monitoring Systems Loop calibrations and Systems Checks
  • Laser Alignment System Certification and Calibration Verification Service
We service and calibrate Hardy and DataSignal Shaker tables model DI-803, DI-823, HI-803, HI-823 and DataSIgnal model 9855, and Gilchrist Technologies model 4000.

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